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Almost overnight, has become the favored standard for displaying text on ereaders. The specification is a powerful method for creating gorgeous ebooks for -capable readers such as the , , and . Alas, it is far from perfect, with frustrating limitations, sketchy documentation, and incomplete creation tools. This extensively researched guide to creating files by best-selling author Elizabeth Castro shows you how to prepare files, make the files look great on the screen, work around weaknesses, and fix common errors. In this essential book, Liz shares her hard-earned experience for how to:

  • Create EPUB files from existing Word or files, or from scratch.
  • Tweak EPUB files to take full advantage of the power of EPUB in each respective ereader.
  • Control spacing, indents, and margins.
  • Insert images and sidebars and wrap text around them.
  • Create links to external sources and cross-references to internal ones.
  • Add to ebooks for the .

Table of Contents
Chapter 1. Using Word to Write EPUB
Chapter 2. Using InDesign to create EPUB
Chapter 3. Inside an EPUB file
Chapter 4. Advanced EPUB Formatting

Book Detail

  • Publisher : Peachpit Press (July 2010)
  • ISBN 10 : 0321734688
  • ISBN 13 : 978-0321734686
  • Language : English
  • Pages : 192

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